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The Meaning of the Symbol

The first layer circle is Arm and bouquet of Java Cassia. The Second layer on top of circle is the name of a university in Thai “ นอร์ท-เชียงใหม่” and at the bottom is an English Name “ North-Chiang Mai University

Meaning of North-Chiang Mai

North” refers to the north of Thailand

Chiang Mai” is a province located in the north of Thailand with more than 700 years of its history. Chiang Mai is also the biggest center of education and business in northern Thailand. It is one of the most popular destinations of tourists who come to experience its beauty, diverse cultures and unique architectures as well as the beauty of its nature.

Java Cassia” refers to good faith and resolution of the founder towards his determination to build a high quality institution with desirable attitudes and to develop the skills and potentials of the youth to be future good citizenship.

Plumb” represents stability, determination and integrity to the profession. It is the universal symbol of wisdom of all sciences

Arm” represents a soul that transfer knowledge to all people and show the power of endless progress

Color of NCU

Pink” refers to the fresh bright and it is the color of King Rama V birthday.

Yellow” refers to the brightness led to the ultimate goal of life. It is the color of King Rama IV of Thailand.


Color of Each Faculty

Each faculty has a color of the faculty as follows:

* Engineering : Crimson

* Business Administration : Light Blue

* Social Sciences and Liberal Arts : Blue

* Law : White

* Science and Technology : Yellow

* International College : Purple



Academic Gown and Academic Brooches

Academic gown and academic brooches of North-Chiang Mai University are in accordance with the ministerial regulations No. 19 Year 2535 BE (1992 AD) as per the Ministerial orders of the Ministry of University Affairs.

There are 4 types of academic gowns represent a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate degree and academic gown for member of North-Chiang Mai University Member of council. The basic material of the gown is an attractive white gauze-like cloth. Along the edges are bands of color (gold, black, etc.) of different colors and number of bands denote the level of higher education and faculty of the graduates.


Songs of North-Chiang Mai University

* March of NCU

* NCU together with Viang Ping

* Beautiful North-Chiang Mai University

* North-Chiang Mai University

* Beautiful Flowers Bouquet of Java Cassia Plumb and Arm

* Proud of NCU

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